1. Living Weapon

From the recording Worlds Torn Asunder (2011)


Open fire!

Speeding like a bullet
High velocity
Dealing out death with cutting-edge technology

An agent of the government, their orders absolute
They decide who lives or dies, deciding who I shoot...
You're next!

(Solo- John Laux)

Laser guided weapons, a storm of molten lead
The cutting edge of science is the sciences of death...
We strike!

Peace agreements shot to pieces
In a sudden flash...
All around you turns to ash

Resocialized, now I have no fear
Hiding right behind you, but you won't see me there
Infrared vision, I'll hunt you day and night
My orders are to murder and I've got you in my sights

Living Weapon
Now, I have become-
Living Weapon

Open fire!

(Solo- John Laux)

Drive the foe out of hiding in the open they are slaughtered
Rounding up the population wives and children, sons and daughters
Stand facing the firing squad with orders to be executed
A sudden blinding flash... all around you turns to ash

(Solo-Adam Carroll)

I am chained to the gun
What have I become?
Living Weapon